who we are


odual comprises seasoned SAP consultants that have delivered successful SAP implementations in blue chip companies since 1992. Our consultants are leaders in the fields of business process, training, project management and specialist implementation skills.

What differentiates us from our competitors is our specialization and leadership in Real Estate Management, Asset Management and Facilities Management through our expertise in SAP Real Estate and CAD / GIS Integration. Our aim is to provide our partners with a competitive edge by offering niche market skills to enable them to win and deliver fully integrated SAP projects. We have a flexible approach to partnering:

  • providing strong project and integration management, integrated modules and applications, and relevant capability support to compliment our specialist real estate focus; or
  • providing specialist real estate implementation, training and support to compliment your broad based skills.

Our mission is to provide innovative real estate management solutions that align commercial and residential real estate and facilities management initiatives with the overall corporate strategy to:

  • achieve sustainable cost reduction,
  • optimise real estate assets,
  • reduce occupancy costs, and
  • contribute significant value to a company’s bottom line.

We understand the critical issues Property Management Executives face every day to reduce both costs and complexity, and offer proven products and comprehensive services to take any real estate business to new levels of competitive advantage.

Our Partners


Philip Constantine is globally regarded as one of the top Subject Matter Experts for SAP RE-FX. He trained in the USA and over the last decade has advised and delivered projects worldwide.

As a thought leader, he has been invited to present at conferences in Africa, Europe and the USA on behalf of SAP.

Phil has innovated in many areas including SAP graphical integration, building dynamic data sets, drone and machine-to-machine applications.

He has a thorough understanding of Real Estate business processes and is often quoted saying,  “Take software and computers out of the picture – what is the problem we are solving.”

Philip has studied Engineering, Economics, and Marketing and has an MBA degree with honours from the GIBS Business School.


Shaun Smith is the Managing Director of the Modual Group. He is an Ex-Accenture SAP Senior Manager & RE-FX Capability Development Lead with expertise in Global Finance Delivery in SAP Projects, Change Management, Support & Off Shoring; with particular expertise in Business Development, SAP RE-FX & Finance. Shaun has delivered SAP projects in the UK, Europe, India, Middle East & Africa.