Client Profile

Name: PRASA – Passenger Rail Association of South Africa

Location: Cape Town, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal

Industry: Government

Business Challenge

  • AutoCAD drawings to be provided will only be a floor plan with all relevant information.
  • The railway client made the decision to only measure a certain percentage of buildings. These buildings will be identified using the following criteria:
    • All commercial buildings must be measured internally i.e. tenant occupied buildings.
    • All the main buildings at a station should be measure internally i.e. where the station manager’s office is located.
    • Operational buildings that have more than 5 units must be measured internally.
  • The railway client made the following decisions. This decision will have an effect on the order of the station visits.

The requirement is that a leasing consultant accompany the project team to all the sites.  This requirement has changed as the availability of the leasing consultants are limited.

Project Scope and Solution overview

  • All buildings and only commercial structure measured
  • All drawings/plans must be in a drawn.
  • Site plan with building positions, walkaways, bridges and boundary lines.
  • Building with individual areas to be indicated:
    • measurements in square meter
    • dimension sizes
    • room numbers
    • naming for the relevant areas
    • Shop/Office number
  • Associated tenant information to be provided on a separate excel document.
  • Description per floor and title blocks:
    • Site plan
    • Station Name
    • Building asset number
    • Building inventory number
    • Levels
  • Position of advertising boards, ATM, Telkom and other similar facilities to be indicated on the drawing.
  • A Bi-weekly report on the progress.

Access to required tools such as measurement devices, computers, software, transport, etc to be arranged by a service provider.

  • Verify assets and measurements in property portfolio.
  • Verify all tenants and leases.
  • Cross reference existing data set.
  • Produce a clean and complete database for loading into REFX implementation
  • Update GIS data

Produce CAD drawing for future graphical integration