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IT Managers

Benefits to IT managers include:

  • Integrated document management that link existing documents to the relevant real estate objects which minimizes processing time and cutting paperwork.
  • Integration with CAD: software integration delivered by partners support CAD software and geographic information systems (GIS) technology by providing views of floor plans and geographic visualization of land parcels, buildings and other portfolio relevant structures.

Using our very well established experience and approach as well as our tools, we reduce the costs, duration and risk profile of your SAP Flexible Real Estate implementation.

Our processes will:

  • Allow Faster projects: Our experienced Technical & Data Managers speed up all stages of a project by using proven templates and tools.
  • Utilisation of your core SAP ERP system: We will integrate SAP RE-FX, SAP Asset Management & Facilities Management with associated SAP applications within your SAP ERP environment.
  • Make the most of your SAP investment: Our project approach will always align to your business needs and specific requirements.
Finance Managers

Benefits to real estate managers include:

  • Improved cost management through with a single source of real time and historical data that is integrated throughout the enterprise.
  • Integration of new real estate solution with accounting and controlling processes, providing complete transparency for all cost and revenues for real estate.
  • Make cash flow prediction reliable, key requirements such as making on-time payments is no longer at risk.
  • Strategic business insights with integrated reporting capabilities and increased transparency help to optimize investment decisions. Key figures and benchmarking increase efficiency in assessing performance.
  • Differentiation for top-line growth enables quick and easy leasing vacant space, and reduced the risk of lost rent revenue
  • Productivity and efficiency for bottom-line growth through automate contract management; user satisfaction increases while administrative costs are reduced
  • Business agility from enhanced data transparency and the ability to visually display complex real estate data – giving you the flexibility to act immediately, lower costs, and manage property more effectively.

Real Estate is often a company’s second largest expense on the income statement, typically behind labor, accounting for 6-10% of total Selling, General & Administrative costs. Also, Property and Real Estate represents as much as 40-50% of the total assets on a typical balance sheet.

Managing these high real estate costs and asset levels will become increasingly important and challenging for companies because:

  • The complexity of Real Estate portfolios is increasing due to expansion in the numbers of mobile base stations, retail stores and corporate buildings, building & network infrastructure, car fleets and so on.
  • New sustainability and energy management regulations are emerging as “major factors” for companies.
  • A move towards standardization of financial reporting and country specific legal requirements across company asset base.
Property Managers

We understand the nature of your business and talk business language.

Strategic Benefits

  • Integrated reporting capabilities and increased transparency in your real estate portfolio help you optimize your investment decisions.
  • Management of property portfolio end to end.
  • Management processes become more efficient due to enhanced data transparency and the ability to visually display complex real estate data – giving you the flexibility to act immediately, lower costs, and manage property more effectively.
  • Key figures and benchmarking increase efficiency in assessing performance.

Operational Benefits

  • Leasing vacant space becomes simpler and faster, and risk of lost rent revenue is reduced.
  • Automation of contract management saves time and money
  • User satisfaction increases while administrative costs in service management are reduced
  • Improved ability to negotiate lease agreement more effectively
  • Online data availability as basis for sound decision making and optimum decision making and also improved data quality particularly

SAP Real Estate Management helps corporate real estate managers optimize the utilization of space. They can use the application to analyze vacancies, integrate space management activities, track employee assignments to office and meeting rooms, and allocate space usage and service costs to specific departments. By letting companies adapt work space more quickly to the changing needs of their core businesses and providing work space services more effectively, the application can contribute to a company’s top-line growth.

Facilities Managers

Modual can assist facilities managers to plan investments, monitor construction and modernization projects, and schedule maintenance work.

SAP Real Estate Management supports business processes related to building construction, operations, modernization, maintenance, repair, and service with functions that are integrated with SAP software for project systems and enterprise asset management. The application helps you handle notifications for unscheduled maintenance and service requests from users and helps you manage framework agreements about facilities services and material with external service providers. Other features help you plan work orders with external and internal resources and reconcile costs for facilities operations to internal departments and external tenants.