how we help IT managers

Benefits to IT managers include:

  • Integrated document management that link existing documents to the relevant real estate objects which minimizes processing time and cutting paperwork.
  • Integration with CAD: software integration delivered by partners support CAD software and geographic information systems (GIS) technology by providing views of floor plans and geographic visualization of land parcels, buildings and other portfolio relevant structures.

Using our very well established experience and approach as well as our tools, we reduce the costs, duration and risk profile of your SAP Flexible Real Estate implementation.

Our processes will:

  • Allow Faster projects: Our experienced Technical & Data Managers speed up all stages of a project by using proven templates and tools.
  • Utilisation of your core SAP ERP system: We will integrate SAP RE-FX, SAP Asset Management & Facilities Management with associated SAP applications within your SAP ERP environment.
  • Make the most of your SAP investment: Our project approach will always align to your business needs and specific requirements.