how we help finance managers

Benefits to real estate managers include:

  • Improved cost management through with a single source of real time and historical data that is integrated throughout the enterprise.
  • Integration of new real estate solution with accounting and controlling processes, providing complete transparency for all cost and revenues for real estate.
  • Make cash flow prediction reliable, key requirements such as making on-time payments is no longer at risk.
  • Strategic business insights with integrated reporting capabilities and increased transparency help to optimize investment decisions. Key figures and benchmarking increase efficiency in assessing performance.
  • Differentiation for top-line growth enables quick and easy leasing vacant space, and reduced the risk of lost rent revenue
  • Productivity and efficiency for bottom-line growth through automate contract management; user satisfaction increases while administrative costs are reduced
  • Business agility from enhanced data transparency and the ability to visually display complex real estate data – giving you the flexibility to act immediately, lower costs, and manage property more effectively.

Real Estate is often a company’s second largest expense on the income statement, typically behind labor, accounting for 6-10% of total Selling, General & Administrative costs. Also, Property and Real Estate represents as much as 40-50% of the total assets on a typical balance sheet.

Managing these high real estate costs and asset levels will become increasingly important and challenging for companies because:

  • The complexity of Real Estate portfolios is increasing due to expansion in the numbers of mobile base stations, retail stores and corporate buildings, building & network infrastructure, car fleets and so on.
  • New sustainability and energy management regulations are emerging as “major factors” for companies.
  • A move towards standardization of financial reporting and country specific legal requirements across company asset base.