Below are a selection of projects we have worked on.

Al Hamra – Ras Al Khaimah
  • Multi use developments including Al Hamra Village and Al
  • Hamra Mall. 
  • 1000s of units
Magrabi – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Egypt
  • Retail implementation for 186 stores, over 8 countries 

RAK Government – Ras Al Khaimah
  • LUM/GEO.e/GIS integration
  • LUM Land Parcel Configured
  • LUM Land Parcel integrated into GEO.e
  • GEO.e configured
  • Integration SAP to GIS (Managed through CASE MANAGEMENT)
Architectural objects CAD Integration
  • Architectural Objects Configured
  • Integration with Case Management
  • Integration with CAD (Done with Cideon Team)
Commercial leases, 18000 stores
  • SAP Flexible Real Estate
  • Complex Utilities Recovery Program
  • Sales Based Rent Solution
  • Data Cleansing and Migration
Hardware retailer, 220 stores
  • SAP Flexible Real Estate
  • Data Cleansing and Migration
Petroleum forecourt shops, 500 locations
  • SAP Flexible Real Estate with Meter Reading integration
  • Sales Based Rent Solution
  • Data Cleansing and Migration
Government institution, 300 commercial properties
  • SAP Flexible Real Estate with AutoCAD integration
  • Room Reservation and Long Term Seating
  • Architectural View
General Retailer
  • 1200 stores
  • Smart Metering Interface
  • SAP Flexible Real Estate Implementation
Asset Verification and Data Consolidation Project
  • Verified Over 5000 Immovable Assets
  • Verified Over 1500 Commercial and Retail Tenants
  • Enveloped Buildings/Structures
  • GIS Shape files for all Immovable assets
  • Floor Plans for All Commercial and Retail Buildings
  • Compiled a Custom Asset Management Report
  • Station Valuation and Life Cycle Reports
  • Through this implementation ABSA drastically improved sourcing, reporting and real estate management capabilities.
  • The implementation was far reaching covering corporate space as well as properties in possession.
  • GIS Integration was also implemented at this client
SAP RE/FX Integration with Auto CAD
  • Management of a national portfolio of 150 buildings.
  • Integration to HR for the derivation of cost centers to recharge expense to occupying cost centers.
  • Integration to AutoCAD to calculate exact areas and integrate to drawings.
  • Visual, colour-coded reporting through CAD drawings.
  • Cost center distribution, employees, assets, building fixtures and fittings
  • Global SAP implementation driven by Vodafone global.
  • Accenture won the implementation and Modual Assisted with SAP RE-FX
  • The RE-FX part of the work started in March 2012.
  • Members of the team have been resourced for this with global resources leading from a governance perspective.
  • A primary focus for this implementation was for the Cape Town metro to move to citizen focused service delivery – while streamlining delivery to the public.
  • The implementation included corporate real estate (offices) as well as hostels and housing for under-privileged citizens of the City.
  • A single, integrated platform across all property components was based on the SAP RE-FX product suite.
  • The solution provided a robust technical platform to enable the CoCT to become a truly “smart city” with technology as a key enabler.
  • This solution also manages capacity and bookings for cemeteries and grave sites!